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Tristan and Eliza

As real estate agents and experienced renovators, the Tomasino/Davies family were looking for a top quality builder to transform their run down Yarraville cottage. The aim? To create a stunning family home ready to hit the market.

Sam and Kelly

Sam and Kelly love living in Yarraville but needed more space for their family. They renovated their existing spaces and extended back to create a spacious and stunning family home.

Clare and Roscoe

Clare, Roscoe and Jasper moved in with family when we started work on their home renovation. Soon after, they welcomed baby Olina into the world, so you can imagine their joy when they got to bring their baby back to beautiful 'new' home. 

Mel and Tony

Mel is an architect so she was pretty picky when choosing a builder. She immediately felt an affinity for BCT Group and her instincts were right. We renovated Mel and Tony's family home to accommodate their growing boys, giving them the extra space they needed. 

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