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Construction of home in Melbourne's Inner West


With over twelve years of experience with renovations, extensions and knock down rebuild projects in and around Melbourne's West and Geelong, your upcoming project is in good hands with BCT Group.

Our strong focus on quality, relationships, communication, budget and time ensures a great experience for our clients and provides confidence and peace of mind that you are building with industry experts. 


Our dedicated relationship manager Peta Hills is your main contact throughout the build process. 

Peta attends your weekly onsite meetings to walk you through your project discussing the work that has been completed and the work to be completed over the coming week.

These weekly site visits are a great opportunity to stay close to your project and to ensure that you feel part of the build journey. 

These onsite meetings are an opportunity to ask questions, see the team in action and witness your project coming to life.

Completed design and construction of a residential project.


Our Project Managers build a maximum of five projects at a time. This gives them the ability to ensure that they are across the detail and are working closely with your project carpenter and labour teams to deliver the best possible results.

Your weekly site meetings, our internal quality assurance process and our 90 day maintenance inspection ensure a high level of quality. This is supported by mandatory inspections from our building surveyor and compliance certificates issued by our licensed and registered trades. This guarantees the quality of your BCT Group built home.


BCT Group are process driven, we complete the right step at the right time and we are pro-active with our management of sites, booking of trades and ordering of materials.

We employ our own labour force giving us full control of resources which allows us to allocate them to each project and stage of the build to ensure an industry leading build time.  

Our long term relationships with our material suppliers and our external trades strongly support our goals of completing your project in a timely fashion.



In addition to your weekly site visit and dedicated relationship manager Peta,  BCT Group use an online project management system called Co-Construct, which you will also have access too.

Co-Construct is where we keep all of the documentation related to your project. You will be able to see your projects schedule, detailed activities and key completion dates. We also use this platform as an additional communication tool between our team, our suppliers and external trades who can see the details of your project.

Co-Construct ensures that you feel a part of the construction journey and assists us to meet our own expectations to build respectful and transparent relationships with our clients.

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