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Interior design services to help with individual renovation, extension, knock down rebuild projects in Melbourne's Inner West and Geelong.



Anne has over 15 years of experience across both residential and commercial design and has worked with both large architectural firms and boutique interior design practices. 


Through her inquisitive nature, Anne imparts her knowledge and expertise in a friendly, intuitive and collaborative manner to bring together her clients preferred styles, colour palette, materiality and importantly budget to achieve their vision. 


Having graduated from RMIT with a Bachelor of Design and having spent time as a designer on reality television shows, Anne is well positioned to assist you on your next exciting project.

Importance of an Interior Designer 

An interior designer is crucial in the design and construction of all projects by not only ensuring that your project’s spaces are visually appealing and meeting their purpose effectively but also assisting with budget control, cohesive design and constructability.

In addition, interior designers provide important technical information and data when planning the spaces and are constantly considering current trends and user ergonomics to create spaces which are stylish, functional and efficient.  

Interior design in Kingsville servicing Yarraville, Newport, Geelong, Kensignton and many more locations across Victoria.

Interior Design Consultation

This consultation enables Anne to gain an understanding of your project, design preferences, expectations and budget. 

Anne will discuss your project and inspiration pictures with you to help uncover your design style. 

Through the presentation of product samples and the exploration of ideas, Anne will begin to create an internal mood board which will help you visualise the potential of your interior spaces and creates the foundation of your interior design journey.

Joinery and finishes

We will discuss the functionality and finalise sketches of all the custom joinery required within your project. These sketches are used to create a canvas, where  Anne will use her experience and expertise to help guide your colour scheme and hard surface selections.


The joinery sketches help to produce detailed internal elevations drawings for the documentation process and quoting of your project. Our collaborative approach ensures an aesthetically pleasing design as well as a practical and functional solution tailored to your needs.

Design of a renovation and extension in Melbourne's West and Geelong areas.
Meet with our interior designer in BCT Group's specialist interior design studio to plan your bathroom, kitchen renovation or extension.

Suppliers and visits

Anne will co-ordinate your visits with our preferred supplier network, to make your specific selections for your fittings, fixtures & equipment schedule. 


Each of the suppliers will be briefed about your project, including your mood board, colour scheme and budget to ensure that you have a tailored consultation to assist you making selections. By using our supplier network, you will gain access to BCT Group pricing.

Fittings, fixtures and equipment

Your fittings, fixtures and equipment schedule is a product library which lists all of your projects internal and external selections. Presented in an easy to read format, it includes product make & model specifications, reference codes and images. This document is kept on site throughout your project as a source of truth for trades to refer to.

Upon the completion of your supplier visits, you will have your final interior design consultation with Anne where you will work together to review your final selections and ensure that your choices have met your design vision.

Interior design consultations in our interior design studio servicing Melbourne's West and Geelong areas.
BCT Group interior design in Geelong and Melbourne's Inner West.

Internal elevation drawings

Internal elevation drawings form an important part of your projects working drawing set and are created off the back of your joinery sketches and fittings, fixtures & equipment schedule. 

These are scaled two dimensional drawings of a wall or series of walls with varying degrees of detail. They identify the positioning of all joinery and fittings, fixtures & equipment items and their positioning within every room.  They can also include doors, windows, power points, materials, paint codes and installation heights. We use our design software to create these drawings.

Interior Design Studio 

BCT Group have a specialist design studio at our Head Office in Kingsville. The design studio offers a creative space for Anne to take clients on their interior design journey with consultations hosted in the space.

Anne equips the design studio with a wide array of samples from our trusted supplier networks for clients to inspect and consider when making their selections for finishes within their project. There are numerous samples for key elements of projects including cladding, tiling, benchtops, and joinery.

Whilst Anne offers her expert guidance within the design studio, ultimately the final decision of how you finish your space is left up to you.


Interested in discussing your project with Anne?
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