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Sustainability in Design & Construction 

BCT Group are conscious of the importance of the environment and sustainability during both design and construction on all of our projects.

We ensure that our projects achieve a 7-star energy efficiency rating in line with the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme. This rating is calculated considering design, construction, materials, orientation, location and heating and cooling.


Throughout the design process BCT Group consider the environment through various measures which include 

  • Completing a bioclimatic analysis to ensure we utilise the environment to improve the liveability of the home.

  • Completing a site visit to access the topography, sun and wind path and existing vegetation.

  • Considering natural ventilation to maintain a cross breeze.

  • Reviewing the colour pallet selections to ensure they do not reflect or accumulate heat.

  • Controling the arrangement, orientation and solar shading of the windows to maximise daylight and solar heat in winter without excessive heat gain in the summer.


During the construction phase we are always environmentally conscious and utilise sustainable methods which encompass

  • During demolition leaning towards hand tools as opposed to machinery.

  • Looking to salvage materials for multiple uses.

  • Selecting water saving plumbing appliances.

  • Choosing low VOC paints.

  • Opting for double-glazed windows.

  • Professionally cleaning our sites to ensure we dispose and recycle waste appropriately. Recycled waste includes concrete, green waste and scrap metal. 

  • Utilising a selected group of trusted suppliers and contractors who prioritise the environment with specialist programs including Rylock, Reece, Bowens and Beacon Lighting.

In addition, at the BCT Group Head Office we have solar panels fitted to provide sustainable power and have a dedicated recycling station. On the road our fleet of company vehicles have been chosen with CO2 emissions in mind.  

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