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Our team of designers are experienced in designing bespoke renovations, extensions and knock down rebuild projects in and around Melbourne's Inner West, & the Geelong Region.


We listen to our clients and take the time to understand their design brief and project vision. 

We combine this understanding with our knowledge of local conditions, council requirements, building regulations and client budgets to create beautiful bespoke designs that meet and exceed expectations.

Architecture in Melbourne's Inner West. Architects design renovations, extensions and knock down rebuilds in Melbourne's Inner West and Geelong.


Upon completion of our initial site visitation, the lead designer will complete a presentation to BCT Groups key stakeholders.

This presentation and subsequent discussion is attended by our Head of Construction, Head of Estimating, Interior Designer, Town Planning specialist, Contracts and Permits manager as well as other members of the design team.


The aim of this presentation is to give our team an opportunity to learn more about the project, the projects goals, discuss any ideas or suggestions, identify any critical information and allocate budget for interior design and construction.


Our designers work closely with our estimators to ensure that our designs remain within the project budget. 


Through regular assessments at key stages of the design process, our estimators consistently provide budget feedback to our designers. 


Creating beautiful bespoke designs within budget is the aim of our design team. Our designers and estimators are closely aligned to help achieve this. 


As our estimating team complete numerous tenders each month, they are the first to be notified of any market pricing fluctuations and we are able to quickly provide feedback and advice for any of our projects that may be impacted. 


This close relationship and high level of communication ensures that we can keep control of our project budgets. 

Our architecture and estimation teams discussing budget for a residential renovation and extension in Melbourne's West and Geelong areas.
Architectually designed home by architects and constructed by the BCT Group Team. BCT Group are the best builders in Geelong and Melbourne's West.


BCT Group are a one stop shop for the design and construction of your project. 


By leveraging the support of our internal departments and long-term suppliers, we have the ability to take your project from inspiration through to completion in a timely manner. 


Our ability to get your designs ready for construction quickly is imperative in managing your budget and meeting your needs.

Our non-town planning projects are ready for construction in six months, while our town planning projects are ready for construction in twelve months.


Navigating the design process can be difficult. What do you need, who do you need and when do you need it?


Our design team will create all of the required documentation and gather all of the required supporting information and approvals to get a building permit to begin building your project.

At the end of the design process you will have a full set of working drawings, a complete fittings, fixtures and equipment schedule, town planning approval (if applicable) and a signed construction contract. To read more about the BCT Group process click here.

Architects developing a floorplan and working drawings set. Our architects and architecture team work from our headquarters in Melbourne's Inner West and service both Geelong and the Inner West.
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