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Everything you need to know about designing a compliant home.

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Deciding to tackle a building project is a big decision, one that throws you into a whole new world of budgeting, decision-making and regulations. Along with ensuring your home is affordable, practical and beautiful, you need to make sure it complies with the Building Act and Regulations and is designed to be safe and accessible. How do you do that? By engaging a knowledgeable building surveyor.

Enter David Short from Permit Approvals Plus. We've worked with David since 2013 and he is a very thorough surveyor who is passionate about looking after his clients. He sat down with us to talk all things building surveying – vital information if you’re planning a reno any time soon.

Non-compliant plans can cause headaches for renovators and delay your project.

BCT: For first time renovators, the to-do list can be quite daunting. Can you help by talking us through the permit approval process?

David: Once a building surveyor is appointed under the Building Act they will assess all documentation provided with the application form. The surveyor will normally provide a checklist of outstanding items that need to be provided. Once all information is received, the surveyor will issue the building permit which will include the start and completion dates along with conditions and mandatory inspections required. Mandatory inspections will occur at stages throughout the project. Once inspections are approved, the building work can continue.

BCT: Do you work directly with the client or the builder? Or a mixture of both?

David: Both, interaction with the client and builder normally occurs at various stages throughout the project which ensures a project runs smoothly.

BCT: What are the important things clients need to consider when working on their plans?

David: Ensure your building designer, architect or draftsperson designs a building that will comply with the Building Act and Regulations. I often receive plans that do not comply. The owner struggles to comprehend why and delays occur as consent/s from council apply.

David has been involved in the construction industry for over 34 years.

BCT: Anything else renovators should keep in mind?

David: Building can be a stressful time, ensure you feel at ease with the professionals you engage and be comfortable that recommendations made will make the project run smoothly.

BCT: If clients want to source their own building surveyor, what should they be looking for?

David: Look for a building surveyor who is easily contactable, easy to talk to, knowledgeable and interested in your project.

Great advice from David! As our wise head honcho, Bevan Uren always reminds our clients, “A building surveyor doesn’t work for us (the builder), they work for you (the client). And they’re your insurance policy so listen to them.”

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