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Townhouse in a Footscray estate gets a facelift. 

Having previously purchased a home as part of the Banbury Village Estate in Footscray, Andrew and Bec felt that their family had outgrown the current design of their townhouse. They enlisted BCT Group to alter the interior floor plan, add a first storey extension and enhance the overall presentation of the home.

BCT Group remodelled the kitchen and living area at the rear, bringing style and individuality. As part of the extension upstairs, our design team added an extra bedroom and living area to improve the functionality of the home and tailor it to the young family’s needs.

Working with our interior designer, Andrew and Bec selected a style which was a mix of industrial, traditional, and contemporary with a heavy focus on timber and colour throughout the joinery.

It was great to be able to bring a touch of BCT Group difference to Andrew and Bec’s family home.

"We felt confident choosing a team who could see the project through from concept to completion"

"We cannot recommend BCT Group highly enough. They put us first as the client all the time and were professional and transparent from day one and continued to be right until the project was finished on time and on budget"

Designed by BCT Group

Built by BCT Group

Photographed by Chris Ott

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