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Submit your enquiry via our website. 

We will contact you to discuss your project, our process and answer any initial questions you may have. 

We will collect your plans and documentation and provide you with a tailored tender proposal to suit your project and schedule a site visit to meet each other and answer any further questions. 


Once you are comfortable with our process and you wish to proceed, you sign and return the tender proposal.

Access Documentation

We will access your documentation and plans including your architectural drawing set, town planning drawings (if applicable), fittings, fixtures & equipment schedule and supporting documentation.

If you require are any further documentation and/ or plans we will get our expert design team to create or obtain them for you. 

Project & Documentation Analysis

Our key internal stakeholders including our Construction Manager, Pricing, Procurement & Risk Manager and contracts & permits manager will review and discuss your project to gain an in-depth understanding of your project and identify the next steps. 

Site Visit & Pre-Tender Meeting

The Construction Manager, Head of Procurement, Pricing & Risk and one of our Estimators will inspect your property to ensure your documentation is reflective of the site conditions and answer any questions. 

The team will return to the office and discuss their findings from the site visit, they will begin to outline the building stages and discuss the labour, equipment and suppliers needed to complete your project. 

The estimator will request tender pricing from our trusted supplier and trade network. 

Project Presentation

The Head of Pricing, Procurement & Risk will present the tender outcome to you outlining the building stages, time frames and the cost. 

We will also give you an expected start date and timeframe on your project. 

Construction Contract Signing & Building Permit 

We will have your tendered construction contract ready for signing. Upon signing of your construction contract we will obtain your building permit. 

We will obtain your building permit and proceed to construction. 

Handover Meeting

Our construction team will meet you on site where your home will be handed over to us for the build stage to commence.

At this meeting we will explain in further detail the building process and schedule a time for your weekly on site meetings and walkthroughs. 

Site Start & Construction

A construction site is established. 

Your project will move through the stages of construction as per your construction contract. 

Weekly site meetings & walkthroughs will take place throughout construction. 

Invoices will be sent at the conclusion of each stage.

Quality Assurance

Throughout the stages of your build, your project manager and site team will carry out continual quality assurance checks, ensuring the quality of finish is of the highest standards. 

The building surveyor also visits site at crucial stages of the build to complete their mandatory inspections and ensure compliance

Prior to final walkthrough and handover BCT Group staff complete an inspection and our own internal quality assurance process.


At the end of construction, you will complete an inspection of your project along with your construction manager.

This meeting is to test and inspect your project. 


Upon completion of this inspection a final payment and handover date is agreed.

90 days after handover BCT will conduct a maintenance visit to your property to ensure total satisfaction.

Final Walkthrough & Handover 

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